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It is with much appreciation and gratitude for the privilege of serving my many loyal customers that I announce my plans to retire in December of 2021. I am thankful for the journey of 25+ years and although I look forward to the next chapter it also brings a bittersweetness to its ending. I will always treasure and greatly miss the wonderful relationships that I have had the opportunity to develop. My hope is that in some small way, I was able to help in your journey, to empower you to a healthier way of life. I am excited to share with you that Second Nature will continue without interruption and with renewed enthusiasm. You can rest assured that you will continue receiving the same level of care and service that we have always provided. We will be offering many sales throughout November and December. Please come in and celebrate this new beginning with us! 

Many Blessings and Continued Health, Elaine


Thank you for visiting Second Nature! We are a privately owned and operated retail store having been in business since 1996; located in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Owner and clinical herbalist, Elaine Kilgannon, educates and welcomes those interested in holistic healing!

Second Nature Health Food aims to provide and promote healthy living through supplying the local community with a large selection of quality products as well as excellent service from a knowledgeable staff. Learn how to conveniently and deliciously accommodate your health and well-being with herbs, vitamins, homeopathy, essential oils, health and beauty products, organic and specialty foods, special ordering and much more!

Please call us or stop in and visit if you have any questions or concerns about your health or any specific product. We look forward to helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Who We Are

Elaine Kilgannon 

Elaine Kilgannon is the clinical herbalist and proprietor of Second Nature. Completing her masters in herbalism in 2009, her continuous research on natural food and medicine is the key to Second Nature's success!

We offer free health consultations and education while providing quality customer care and constantly insuring our products are top of the line and well researched.


Substance Inhibiting COVID - 19

Korean researchers found substance inhibiting COVID-19 Shim Hyun-tai Published 2020.03.17 18:08 Updated 2020.03.20 18:12 - 작게+ 크게 공유 A recent study is drawing the attention of the medical community, claiming that sea buckthorn berry’s lactic acid bacteria can contain the spread of the new coronavirus by inhibiting the activation of its energy source, purine. According to a research team at Ehwa Womans University Medical Center, it has confirmed probiotic bacteria extracted from fermented sea buckthorn berry had lots of lactobacillus gasseri (L. gasseri), which represses the activation of purine, an energy source required for the mutation of new coronavirus. Professor Yoon Ha-na of the Department of Urology at Ehwa Womans University Medical Center The group of researchers found L. gasseri while conducting experiments related to the inhibition of cytokine activity, and escherichia coli that inflame the bladder. The researchers, led by Professor Yoon Ha-na of the Urology Department, also discovered that sea buckthorn berry had abundant amounts of ehstreptococcus thermophilus and lactobacillus rhamnosus, which have the same chemical binding site to the COVID-19 and affect the protein activity of AIDS. They also confirmed nine antioxidants, six minerals, and 16 amino acids. In China, too, a research team led by Professor Ruan Jishou from Nankai University in Tianjin recently discovered that COVID-19 in the human body mutated in a similar way to that of the Ebola and AIDS virus. According to the Chinese research team, the new coronavirus creates spike protein to survive within the human body. The spike protein contacts the cell membrane and attacks purine to acquire energy for its replication. Korea is also using AIDS drugs to treat COVID-19 patients by inhibiting proteolytic enzyme activity. A patient’s symptoms improved significantly in a few days after administrating Kaletra and AIDS drugs. Professor Yoon expects the probiotic bacteria in sea buckthorn berry to be a supplementary treatment to suppress COVID-19 spread by inhibiting purine activity. “I believe the probiotic bacteria will work as a complementary treatment to prevent COVID-19 and will apply the same mechanism to additional studies, including cystitis and hyperlipidemia,” Professor Yoon said. Professor Jeong Goo-bo of Gachon University Lee Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Institute, also said, “I believe L. gasseri, derived from plants, can be effective in preventing COVID-19 spread because it affects the activation of purine enzyme, the energy source for AIDS, hepatitis, Ebola, and COVID-19 virus.” [email protected] <© KBR , All rights reserved.>

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Nutritional Live Blood Cell Analysis

Done Quarterly, Call Today To Schedule your appointment

Learn what your blood can tell you about your health!  What vitamins, minerals and lifestyle changes will work the best for you?  
Nutritional Live Blood Cell Analysis is a unique method of examining a small droplet of blood taken from the fingertip, then placed on a glass slide, which is then observed through a high-tech phase contrast microscope connected to a TV through a special camera.  In an instant a fascinating world of red and white blood cells, plasma and platelets come to life before your very eyes!  These blood components are among various indicators which reveal information on the general wellness and nutritional needs of the individual from whom the droplet was obtained.  An in-depth, confidential "Health Evaluation Profile" is filled out prior to the blood screening so we may take into effect the whole person and all the important aspects of that person's diet and lifestyle, which plays a critical role in their health and well-being.  This combination of technology and information produces a very dynamic and exciting method of charting a more direct course to better health.  We will observe together your living blood cells which will tell an in-depth story of what is currently happening in your body.  In addition, a dried Layer procedure will be done that helps us detect past and chronic conditions and degeneration in specific body systems. You will also receive a highlighted report describing your analysis.  This report should be kept for your return visits as a comparison.

Phase Contrast Microscope


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So grateful for our customers as we celebrate our 25th year!!

Your Second Nature Family
Jennifer, Elaine (Owner & Herbalist), Lori

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